The Five Stages of Hell Week: Coming Soon to Orangetheory Fitness New Orleans Downtown



When we open Orangetheory Fitness in New Orleans Downtown, LA members can expect to experience a thrill of emotions when they take on a series of intense and exciting, horror-themed workouts known as Hell Week.


At Orangetheory Fitness, only the strong will survive the month of October! Every year in the days leading up to Halloween, Orangetheory members face eight days of intense workouts that test the limits of their will power and strength. They’re on the Orangetheory Fitness highway to Hell Week—and when we open our brand new studio in New Orleans Downtown, this is just one of the exhilarating fitness challenges you’ll get to look forward to.


Will Hell Week be challenging? Of course!


But will you have what it takes? Absolutely. We’ll make sure of it!


And by braving our hauntingly inspiring fitness challenge, you’ll see that everything you have ever wanted—more energy, more strength and more life—is on the other side of fear.

The Orange Nation has endured previous Hell Week workouts ranging from “Death Row” to “Thigh-day the Thirteenth”—and we have plenty of tricks up our sleeve for future Hell Weeks to come. As much as we’ll enjoy scaring you into your peak workout performance, just remember: You won’t be in this alone.

When we get ready to take on our own hellish week of workouts, we’ll be there to help you understand what’s in store for you. Being one of Orangetheory’s most celebrated fitness challenges, the five stages of Hell Week are actually meant to be more fun than scary—and will go down a little something like this…


1. The Decision of DOOM

By the time Hell Week comes around, you would have crushed your Orangetheory workout. You’ll be feeling pumped and full of life; the afterburn effect (increased metabolism and energy post-workout) will have kicked in. A fresh burst of confidence will propel you toward the front desk, where you’ll eagerly sign up for our Hell Week challenge. How bad can it be?

Not only will you sign up for Hell Week. You’ll announce it to the world, excited to take on the fitness challenge and ready to hold yourself accountable. You’ll RSVP on our Facebook event page to let your Fit Fam know you’ll be there, and you’ll comment on every Hell Week social post, even encouraging your fellow members to sign up. When you see them in class, you’ll joke around together about what you’ve gotten yourselves into.


Orange Tip: Follow our OTF New Orleans Downtown Facebook Page to stay connected with your Fit Fam. Never miss a fitness challenge!


2. Heart-Pounding Preparation

Realizing what’s looming on the horizon, you will up your weekly workouts to prepare for eight days of pure Hell Week. After all, we’ll be giving away a free shirt to all who survive! You’ll put on your game face as you get ready to take on the beast.

But as it draws nearer, reality will begin to sink in. What strange and unusual punishments will your Hell Week coaches deliver? You may plan to eat right, hydrate, and get plenty of sleep leading up to the challenge, but your nerves might make you toss and turn, restless as you imagine a tricky and twisted workout experience in your near future.




Fret not, Fit Fam! It’s completely normal to be nervous and excited before an OTF challenge. And we’ll turn that fear into fuel!


3. Unnerving Denial… and Acceptance

As you stand in the studio lobby with fellow members abuzz about the workout to come—Hell Week Day 1—you’ll be struck with a feeling that’s strange and surreal. Is this really happening? Are you ready? Will you survive?

Ten reps in, you’ll be pinching yourself. Surely this is a nightmare!

Halfway through the workout, you’ll accept your fate, and the only thing left to do will be to push yourself, go All Out, and conquer this challenge!

It will only be uphill from there. You’ll consciously trade in your nerves and fear for excitement and adrenaline to reach new heights in your workout. You’ll even share the performance summary we email you after class, posting it on your IG Story to humblebrag to all your friends that you survived your first encounter with Hell Week. Sure, you’ll be a little sore, but it will hurt so good! There’s no change without challenge, and you’ll feel nothing but excited to see what tomorrow brings.


4. Eerie Empowerment

Halfway through Hell Week, you’ll start to reflect on your experience. You’ll look in awe at everything you’ve done to get where you are today. Even though you’ll be a little tired from pushing yourself harder and attending more classes than usual, you’ll feel confident knowing that you’ve got this. Conquering each and every unique Hell Week challenge is a reward of its own. As you complete the challenge, you will set new personal records and gain unfaltering confidence and strength.

Were you ever afraid of Hell Week? Is there anything you can’t handle?


5. Fearlessly Victorious

Once you survive Hell Week, you’ll never be the same again. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and after Hell Week, you’ll be stronger than ever. And you’ll have your prize—your free Hell Week shirt—to prove it!




Hell Week will teach you that if your fitness goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Since Orangetheory Fitness isn’t just a gym, OTF New Orleans Downtown members are capable of accomplishing whatever they set their minds to. Your coaches and fellow members will be there for you through every workout and every fitness challenge—so don’t be scared! Join our one-of-a-kind Fit Fam and begin your journey to more life at Orangetheory Fitness New Orleans Downtown. Click here to get started and sign up today.